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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is once again asking for the fans to 'trust' him ahead of the summer's probable recruitment of numerous players. Wenger has already admitted that he requires new faces in order to challenge for the title next year and to stay on the heels of both Chelsea and Man Utd at the top of the Premier League.

There is no denying the Gunners have been hampered with injuries all season with stars Van Persie and skipper Cesc Fabregas both missing sizeable chunks of the season, however even while taking in account Arsenal’s injury list, the squad doesn’t seem capable of even pulling together during times of hardship as all teams inevitably go through at least once a season. Wenger also refused to buy in January when many fans called on him to sign a new striker, but he insists plans are in place for the summer.

With a deal for Bordeaux's Marouane Chamakh already agreed, Wenger is hopeful of making further strides in the market.

Wenger said. "They have to trust us because historically we have done well in the transfer market. Last summer we bought Thomas Vermalean, nobody knew about him and now he is in the team of the year, so they just have to keep faith in what we do.”

"As always we will try to be intelligent, sensible and take care of this club in the right way."

Wenger insists he will not allow his side to be broken up, adding: "One or two will go out, which happens every year, but the first target is to keep the squad together.

"This team has a future. I believe the players want to have a future together and that is why it is my job to keep them together."   

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Morena Cheung
5/2/2010 19:34:14

Arsenal didn't get any title in the past few years, yet we can't say that it's all Wenger's fault. Just remember Wenger did many things for Arsenal and brought Arsenal glory.
It's a bit harsh. Everybody is so eager to see Arsenal being on top. However, be patient and we can see that day.
Actually, Wenger does keep Arsenal in a good condition. At least we don't bear as much debt as other teams. That's crucial for Arsenal's long-term development.
In Arsene and Gunners I believe!

5/2/2010 20:19:37

well i believe in 2nd chance...nd evrything grows slow nd stedy.i mean if u really want 2 b on da top den u hav 2 b patient nd hope 4 da best...........

5/2/2010 21:22:51

I don't really know whether to trust him or not. Many are criticising him and others are backing him.

Now I, who had backed him before, am starting to think twice. The more posts like these come out the more concerned I get. "Trust me" he says. It's such a risky move and I really hope he has some good news for us or the door is gonna be shown to him.

"In Wenger we trust (?)" I don't know..

5/2/2010 21:59:23

ive always loved and trusted arsene therefore i will give him one more season, i understand he has done an immense amount for the club but perhaps he has taken us as far as he can. NEVER FORGET, the club and its supporters always MUST come first...

cesc is king...

5/3/2010 00:01:45

i trust wenger please give him more time...

5/3/2010 04:07:18

Get rid of him now he has more than enough time. 5 years his way is enough time to see change. Remember he knows what type of players are needed because he wan things with those type of players. What did he do? got rid of them 1 bt 1 and introduced small nippy skillful silky but physicaly weak players. Look at them against a shit team like blackburn. They got beat up like boys. Look at Fabianski (if thats how you spell it) to small to weak to shy to quiet. Not good enough, the fans have been saying it for so long now why cant Wenger see it. Its time for him to go for he wont change things when they dont work. One trick pony. arsene out out out.

5/3/2010 05:38:19

no guts, no passion, no desire, no backbone & absolutely no clue most of these playaz. what wenger sees in them, only God knows, and the guy has the balls 2 say we only need 2-3 playaz max. r u out of your f*****g mind. what have u been watching these past weeks. dont insult our intelligence pliz arsene. instead of taking care of his shambolic squad, arsene spends the majority of the match having a go at the fourth official. dont know whether to laugh or cry. BUT STILL NOW AND FOREVER ALWAYS. ARSENAL 4 LYF.

5/3/2010 05:38:45

AW should go and take most of the squad with him. what a pathetic performance. Let Kroenke take ownwership of Arsenal, get new manager, players, physios and some backbone and pride back to The Arsenal.

5/3/2010 05:39:24

"It's funny that we're about to- bizarre series of results notwithstanding- finish third, with a higher points total than last season and yet, looking across the team it's difficult to pinpoint outstanding improvement within the team- apart from the ones I've alluded to above."
I think the outstanding emergence of Song, Vermaelen and Fabregas, plus the lesser but still accountable improvements of Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Van Persie, Bendtner, Ramsey, Clichy (compared to last year) and the late addition of Campbell are plenty to account for the points difference this season. That and there is a definite improvement in mentality against lower sides. It doesn't seem like much of a mystery to me.

Apart from Almunia and Eduardo, no-one significant has fallen back this year. As for Eduardo, I find it curious that people blame his injury for his loss of form, but when he came back, his finishing was very confident. No, the real turning point is the dive incident vs Celtic. Since being put under the magnifying glass his cool demeanour and mentality has been lost.

5/13/2010 21:19:21

5/13/2010 21:28:10



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