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Let’s take our minds back to the beginning of the season, like you we at Arsenal Debate felt the feeling of anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm. After all, it was the beginning of a new term and even if we hadn’t dwelled into the transfer market in search for exceptionally experienced players there was a sense of optimism in the air as far as getting off to a good start and pushing ahead as the season went on.

The season started well with an absolute mauling of Everton until we eventually succumbed to capitulating a few games later when we lost to both Manchester City and Manchester United in consecutive away games. Don’t forget we actually did play well during both matches; however the all too familiar lack of bottle and heart came to the fray as it has in recent years where we crumbled under the pressure of going behind even while in complete control.

Indeed we have played very well at times this season, the terrific games versus Porto, Spurs and Villa spring to mind and of which brought back wonderful memories of the glory days not too long ago.

All in all, as it seems to have become a norm in recent times, it was an up and down season for the mighty Arsenal. Absolutely outplaying the lesser teams while playing without confidence against the likes of Man United and Chelsea; but what to do? Should we expect the same old failures next season? Could Arsene Wenger expect the same? There are those who argue that with retrospect to our financial incapability’s in comparison to our competitors, we as Arsenal fans should understand the current situation, but a growing minority aren’t. Why?

Are Arsenal fans simply losing patience with the ongoing promises of glory, consistency, and potential? Perhaps the gunner’s faithful would prefer a clear sense of honesty in the true proceedings taking place behind the scenes at the Emirates.

As readers of Arsenal Debate, where do you truly believe the problems lie? In the boardroom, the manager, or simply the impatience among the supporters clearly visible at home games when circumstances don’t go our way?

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you suck

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arsenal rule, shutup.....


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