According to Spanish daily 'Sport', Barcelona president Joan Laporta has met with Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas in Morocco to negotiate a deal to bring him to the Nou Camp.

There has been constant speculation in the Spanish media over Fabregas' future and an impending move to home town club Barcelona. Fabregas has publicly stated his intention to stay at Arsenal Football Club.

However, last week Barcelona's sporting director Txiki Begiristain denied the claim of Arsenal chief Peter Hill-Wood that the Catalan giants had agreed not to move for Fabregas this summer."At no time did we say we would not try to hire Cesc Fabregas", said Begiristain. 

Now, Spanish daily 'Sport' claims that Barcelona's outgoing president Joan Laporta travelled to Morocco last week, officially on business connected to his law firm and to talk about the creation of a soccer school. However, Arsenal captain Fabregas is currently on holiday in Morroco, recovering from a broken leg sustained scoring a penalty for the Gunners against Barcelona in the Champions League.

Moroccan daily 'El Botolan' apparently reports that Laporta and Fabregas met in Morocco, with 'Sport' claiming that they "leave everything ready for the player to come to Barca this summer."

Cesc Fabregas had been in inspirational form for the Gunners this season, scoring 19 goals and contributing 12 assists. As a result, there has been constant media speculation over his future.

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Dijana Kevic

Looks like he will really go to Barcelona and I don't want that.........He must stays here.....I think his future is here,in this club,not in barcelona.......I'm afraid that if he went to Barcelona will become ''a side player''.Lot of players who have left this club have become thet (Hleb,for example)........Just hope he'll deside what is the best for him....................GUNNERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!=D



Syafiq 23

he wont leave..medias nowadays are confusing us..selling pointless stories..even the picture just show the president,not fabregas..

Martin Smith

The same happened with Henry if i remember correctly.
Alot of speculation, which was denied. Then a few weeks after the season was over, an announcement was made and Henry left us for Barca.
The fans said that would never happen either, but it did.
I suppose you never know what is being said behind closed doors.
Plus it doesnt help team morale, if it is announced during a season.
So even if it was to be true, It would never be admitted. As to keep the team focused on the season and the task ahead.
The next month after the season has finished will be crucial, only then around then an announcement will be made.
Plus he will be playing with some of the Barca players in the spanish squad. During the World Cup.
I am sure they will try and persuade him aswell. As happened with Henry.


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