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After another abysmal display against Blackburn Rovers yesterday Arsene Wenger is slowly but surely coming to terms with the inefficiencies in the squad as he admits the team's radar was off at Ewood Park on Monday. Arsenal Debate is pushing through with a number of key talking points which will be raised at next week’s final post match press conference; therefore get your opinions in so we can distinguish between those that will be mentioned from the Facebook community.

Nevertheless, the Frenchman was left to bemoan decisions which did not go his team's way but, equally, he accepts that his players fell below their usual standards.

"Our passing was an illusion today," said Wenger. "It was not sharp, not crisp, without forward vision and it was not good enough to be dangerous.

"You can say that [it is difficult to lift the players after the defeat at Wigan] but I believe always in football what is difficult is not to play. When you have a chance to play it's never difficult.

"I believe we were a bit unlucky to lose the game because on both goals I believe we were unlucky with the decision of the referee. But we did not produce enough quality that is for sure. And at the end of the day we were punished."

Wenger felt that goalkeeper Fabianski was impeded in the build-up to both Blackburn goals and was just as incensed when the referee failed to spot a foul by Michel Salgado on Van Persie inside the box.

"It was a penalty on Van Persie I believe and on both goals the purpose was just to stop Fabianski from playing, not to go for the ball, and I don't understand how the referee can allow that," said the manager.

"It was not a surprise [to be tested in the air] but you expect the referee to have the rules respected. I don't know anymore what is a foul and what isn't because for me when there is no purpose to play the ball but the keeper, ultimately every time he is pushed."

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Arsenal Debate Team - Susan Alexander

5/5/2010 04:42:52

I would like to start by saying that I am a massive fan of Arsene Wenger, i am a fan and I am also not happy with the way our season has to an end. Many fans feel that is time to get rd of Wenger but if you do without no doubt out goes fabregas and van persie and then where will be. I do feel the depature of Dein hampered Wenger because that was his man on the board and got things done, maybe if he was there we would have definately got Melo and Chamakh next season. The bottom line is criticsing Wenger based on all the financial issues are wrong. How do you know the board hasnt told Wenger that he needs to do the best with a limited amount which is the truth. He has defended his players like a manager should do but I think the penny would have dropped by now that some players havent worked out, but he deserves the chance to address this issue

Arsene is the key to the whole project, he has had financial constraints which I know we are tired of hiring but its the truth, his stubborness has also let him down. His policy is not entirely wrong, it is his policy that make us loves players like van persie and fabregas and vermalaen. One major mistake Arsene made was letting Gilberto go, he is a leader and do so brilliantly when Henry had a long time out, he would have been happy to stay and would have made a difference like Big Sol

When we were at highbury we could never dream of staying in the elite of football, a new stadium was a must to be able to afford to spend big in the future. You tell me anyone who moves into a new house and just has money to splashing about, its only natural that they be a lil cautious at least in the early stages. But it is being said there is genuine money around now as a result of the good sales of the property development and gate receipts.

I totally agree that we do need a role model like Steve Bould, but I would suggst someone more relatable to this Arsenal era in Bergkamp aswell, steve bould should definately be in the dug-out shouting at a few people like Mike Phelan or Ray Wilkins. Pat Rice although clearly qualified and highly regarded doesnt seem to take a proactive role in rallying the troups when its not needed
I think Arsene was going to buy but the question is what level of quality, We moved to the emirates to be able to buy big name stars, now is the time for us to start doing that, maybe these last few games would have forced Wenger to stop sticking up for some of these players and shift one or two and bring in 3 world class players and another.

I would like to see go -
vela (loan),

Bring in

GK - All out of for Buffon, the perfect personality who will command an area, but he will need a solid defence in front.

CB - Chilieni and Upson
Midfield - M. Diarra/ Yaya toure/ Felipe Melo
Striker - Mohammed Zidan and Chamakh

Gooner for Life

Arsene Knows

Martin Smith
5/6/2010 00:52:18

For me i think the question that has to be asked is.
Ok for a few years now we have heard about the potential of the up and coming players within the team.
Then at the end of every season we are told Next year, Next year.
Some of these players just do not make the cut and are not good enough.
With next seasons 25 man squad rule, are we going to see Arsenal drop alot of these players who just arent good enough and replaced with proven players rather than more promises ?

5/6/2010 06:00:53

my question is. when the **** is he going to stop making excuses...???????

Sam Harvey
5/6/2010 16:46:29

I hear lots of fans are wanting you to leave in the summer, I myself want you to stay but what changes will you be making so we can win the prem again?

5/6/2010 22:29:17

I agree with jermainne.

Going to a bigger stadium, and being cautious of the finance is ok, surely no doubt about that, but it has been long enough and we need top players that can help us win the league.

We are big names and I don't think we can't get top players around the world. But if this continues on for a few more years and we ended up like birmingham, so to speak, who would want to join arsenal then?

Time to invest heavy for once, and we can maintain, surely.

Gooners for life.


Manav Jain
5/7/2010 02:29:15

Patrick O'Neill
5/19/2010 23:09:40

How many times does it need to be said. Sign a GK and a CB. We keep being told next year things will be different. Well here's a prediction, next year we will once again win nothing, might not even be in CL with Spurs, M.City and AV pushing hard, also Everton. Will the current board please go and bring back David Dein.



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