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Arsene Wenger is now directing his attention to the last Champion’s League group automatic spot after his side's hugely surprising defeat at Wigan all but ended their title bid.

The top three Premier League teams qualify straight to the Champion’s League group stage, while the fourth-placed team as Arsenal have themselves been for the past number of years will face a tricky two-legged play-off.

"Manchester City and Spurs can still catch us, so we have to win at least one of our remaining games", Wenger said. 

On reflecting about what a win at Wigan would have achieved Wenger stated, "All I know is if we had won today then we would have been back in it, however I believe we were not focused, not disciplined and were caught. In football you have to stay focused for 90 minutes otherwise you run the risk of being punished".

Really Mr Wenger? How many times will you allow for such things to take place? Do the players simply not respect the club enough in order to play effectively and consistently for 90 minutes? Why do such events only happen to the Arsenal and not Manure or Chelski for instance? An absolutely disgraceful performance yesterday, especially when considering we still had hope in the title race.

If you want my honest opinion, sort it out, or get out, because it’s just not good enough!

j gold
4/18/2010 19:28:23

in arsene i will always trust. keep faith with the genius, he is building something out of this world...


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