Full-back Gael Clichy insists his future remains at Arsenal Football Club despite reports linking him with a summer move to Spanish giants Barcelona.

The French international has caught the eye at the Emirates Stadium yet again this season despite a number of Arsenal supporters increasingly becoming frustrated with team performances.

Nonetheless there appears to be increasing speculation that the UEFA Champions League holders are lining up a £10million swoop for his services.Clichy however, whose contract expires in 2012, has played down talk of a move to Camp Nou, while also admitting attracting interest from such a club is always nice.

"It is great that these teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid are looking at me, they are great clubs as everyone knows but all I want to say is that I am focused on the end of the season. I want to win something here. I have two years left on my contract so it is not a question to answer,” Clichy told the London Evening Standard.

The 24-year-old arrived in England days after his 18th birthday following a 2003 switch to the Gunners from Cannes. He added: "I wouldn't say I feel English because some people will be upset with this, but I do feel really at home here. Whenever I go home and see my family for two weeks, even if I feel really good there, I have to come back to London".

kuwait gunner
4/20/2010 04:10:30 am

if he wants to go he can go, we have gibbs who looks very promising....what the hell is happening at arsenal these days? we're selling all our best players for good money but not investing in the team....i hate it!!!!

4/20/2010 04:10:55 am

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOTHER ONE????????????????????????????????????????????????

4/20/2010 04:12:07 am

another truly great players going to barcelona..wtf!!!!!! sign some players arsene plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, we need a strong squad if we want to compete next season....

arsenal forever....

4/20/2010 04:13:53 am

This is the sort of stupid article that proves why arsenal fans are considered one of the worst in the premiership. When things are going well we boast about being one of the best clubs in the world, or at least the most attractive to watch comparing ourselves to barcalona way before this seasons ego-shattering defeat. Everyone including the players the manager and the fans saw exactly how much smoke we blow up our own arse.

I say this because the team always manages to lose when its on a good run when confidence in generally quite high, and after every big game we have come crashing back down to reality. Firstly we all know that they are some players who like to leave the club, may not be good enough or whatever, but tell me something, what team in world football doesnt have that in the squad. So top with the over emotional stuff, at some point minus fabiannksi we have praised the contribution of every single player you have mentioned, each with their own part to play in getting us with a sniff of a title. The problem is the squad is too small.

Where we missed the trick this season was indeed in january. Up until that point we had done brilliantly to get ourselves in the mix and keep our momentum without van persie. During this period eduardo played and dint really contribute, bendtner was injured and arshavin sacrificed himself to play up front. One of the basic rules is play your best players in their position. We should have really bought a striker because ever since january we have on the whole played better and created more when Bendtner returned from injury and van persie's cameo. After the first game of both of those players return the one thing WE ALL SAID was see how much having a front manm contributes because you immediately put back Arshavin in a role he is actually more likely to score.

Arsene didnt buy a striker because his theory was because we were top scorers in the league at that time, scoring goals is not a problem. But given the massive amount of effort that team had put in, players like arshavin, nasri who were dropping out of form slowly had to continue to play. In other words I am saying Arsene should had rewarded these efforts by buying 2 extra players aswell as signing sol. He didnt buy a striker simply because he wanted Chamakh on a free, and God knows why he didnt pursue Sorenson earlier. I know Stoke did not want to sell because they were buying Begovic. But being the biggest club in the equation because if we triggered a bid for Sorenson stoke would have acted quicker, look how much we have needed a keeper since January...just a thought.

My point is really that when you do take a step back all this Arsenal team needs is three more quality players in each department. I am not including Chamakh there either. We can all agree a GK is a certainty any Keeper is an improvement and Jussi Jaskalineen or Sorenson wouldnt be bad. A centre back and a defensive mid of immediate Starting 11 quality would the team to take players like nasri, arshavin and song when they are being over played or out of form and not the drop the level.

They are too many areas in our team apart from the wide players, where the level of replacements is not acceptable. Eastmond as far as i am concerned should not be on the radar, we should have a full international competing with song, and a full international alongside Cesc.

Fans are angry and thats fine but just think Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in the world, its a fact. He knows what it takes to win and the reason why he has not bought big is a combination of financial constraints and faith that some players would have developed better and quicker. He needs going to spend money needlessly if we can not afford just to build a team the club can't support in the long run, like portsmouth. They built a team good enough to be in the top six and win the F,A cup for one year. We all know there fate. Wenger does not want to gamble.

Alot of players should be shown the door before Wenger because too many times at clubs players always let down their manager. Wenger cant compensate for some of the erratic tendencies of our goal keepers and stupid mistakes. You see him clearly upset yet people act like he does not care, this would have hurt him the most.




4/20/2010 07:35:23 pm

well done clichy

goona gal
4/24/2010 11:49:13 pm

I wish Barca would eff off and leave our players alone!!

4/25/2010 12:02:12 am

tell me about it goona gal...we've becom a feeder club to barcelona. how many top players have we sold to them in recent years?


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