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Arsenal Debate can exclusively reveal the agent of Andrey Arshavin has somewhat declared there is no guarantee his player will be at the club in the forthcoming season. His comments come just 24 hours after Arshavin admitted that playing for Barcelona would be the “pinnacle” of his career. Asked if he can guarantee that the Russian will begin the new campaign at Emirates Stadium, Lachter said: “I think not. Andrey staying and a lot of other things depend on one man.

“We would like to know that Arsene Wenger will be at Arsenal next season. The main thing about Arsenal is not Andrey, Fabregas or Van Persie. What happens to them depends on what happens to Mr Wenger. Arsenal today is 95% Arsene Wenger, his influence and charisma are extremely important to the Arsenal family. But he is 61 years old in October and you could read clearly in Mr Wenger’s face how disappointed he was that they haven’t won anything this season.”

The remarks will put some of Europe's biggest clubs on alert including Barcelona and Inter and Barcelona - who were both interested in signing Arshavin after his dazzling displays at Euro 2008. However, Arshavin’s long-term representative, who helped grease the wheels of the Russian’s £17 million move to Arsenal 15 months ago, chided his client for speaking so openly of his desire to play for European champions Barcelona.

“I know Andrey is never thinking twice before opening his mouth,” said Lachter. “But by the rules of democracy, anybody can say whatever they want and there is some kind of disappointment especially from Andrey because of his injuries and frustration at the results of the club this season.”

Lachter continued, “It is not a secret for anybody that he has a big respect for Barcelona and it’s not a secret for anybody that I agreed the move from Zenit to Barcelona for 15 million euros six months before his move to Arsenal. I know Andrey would like to play there but he is a player for Arsenal and will be until further discussions.”

Lachter also claimed that Arshavin should take complete responsibility for a campaign that promised so much for player and club before both ended trophy-less. He observed: “It is totally unfair to blame your team-mates. In the eyes of each one of us you need to do the best for your company or your team. “You shouldn’t be prostituting yourself or changing your mind because you don’t like what is happening today.”

A rather in depth view from an agent well respected within Russia

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Julian Coldicott
4/28/2010 10:19:45

Here we go another moaning foreigner trying to grab a big money deal..
Well angry about this Arsenal is a great club and i am sick of players treating the club like dirt!!! Mr Arseshavin if you wanna go then "clear off!!!!" you have dissrespected the club and fans you are a very greedy little man!!!!!

4/28/2010 10:23:16

dont leave arshavin

Filip Miler
4/28/2010 10:25:05

The fame will hit him in the head... It has been seen already! I tell you, if he goes to Barcelona he will be sitting on the bench all the time...

afc forever
4/28/2010 10:26:44

It is sp easy for us to get carried away with these reports. Translation from Russian is always going to be difficult for anyone, especially if they only understand key words. In fact I was waiting for this report to be refuted and sure enough...
Let's just move on. I think the guy is great. The only times he played badly he was nursing an injury and had had a minor car scrape, so why do we get carried away? It would be better if we got behind all our players all the time unless we have good reason to believe they aren't trying their best. And quite honestly, I don't hink anyone comes into that category for the last couple of seasons since Adebayor!
Good luck to Andrei for a great Arsenal future!

paul m
4/28/2010 10:27:13

Guys I have never comment on this site before but I will love reading peoples opinion. Arshavin is just a funny person but can say annoying things sometimes to make someones angry but let be real apart from our joke keepers, the most useless Arsenal players this season are Diaby and Denalson. Both of them have been so annoying but always have praise from the manager when they produce one good game which I don’t understand, because he hardly do that to Song even when that boy is giving us his best week in week out. I think Wenger himself is bias in his so call vision.

4/28/2010 10:28:32

i agree i think its down to the fact he cant hack it, and he wants a move, let him go, have a look at the other players who have left the club they have hardley lit up the sky have they.....


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