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It appears Arsene still remains optimistic as far as the future potential of the current Arsenal team dominating in future years. In his pre match press conference ahead of the weekend game versus Man City, Wenger was quick to answer accusations that current crop of talent were hindering his future obligations to the club.   

In the wake of Sir Alex Ferguson's declaration that he has no plans to retire any time soon, the Arsenal boss has followed suit. The Frenchman may now be the wrong side of 60, but claims he is driven by the desire to succeed and the pleasure he takes from his work.

Wenger has been in coaching for 24 years, and has managed Arsenal since 1996, but feels he is capable of working at the highest level for as long as his body is up to the task.

He said: "My future is decided by how well I do and the second part is how much I enjoy what I do and that is it.

"I still feel I have a few years in front of me if I have the luck to be healthy."

Wenger believes he will be locked in direct confrontation with Manchester United boss Ferguson for the foreseeable future, with the Gunners chief not surprised to hear that the Scot is as 'hungry' as ever.

"You see the way he behaves and manages his team that the hunger is there," said Wenger, whose current contract runs out at the end of next season.

"As long as he will live the hunger will be there for success. That is something that does not die in you.

"When you get older you have to analyse and consider your health, where you have the physical strength to do the job.

"But to me at the moment he does not look to have any problem. It is always interesting facing him."

Arsenal Debate continues to support the club and its manager for the decisions made even when taking into account our lack of competitiveness in recent years. Indeed we feel the progress of the team can be made a lot quicker with the purchase of a number of experienced signings, however, next year should surely be the time when the current Arsenal team begins reaping the rewards us Arsenal fans have been promised for a while.

4/23/2010 00:57:07

arsene please sign some players, yes we have a good team, but if we can afford to strengthen in defence and midfield then why not? stop playing the game with the press? if we're going to add a few players then say so, its not omly the press that want to find out, its the genuine arsenal fans too :)))

arsenal 4 life...

4/23/2010 00:58:52

trust arsene alex. he will make it happen, just give him a little more time. yes we havent won anything for a while, but im sure he knows what hes doing...

in arsene i trust...

4/24/2010 21:32:00

but how long for mr wenger? :((

4/30/2010 01:54:42

@wengerisgod, what is the point of knowing what one is doing if it does not work. And how can you prove that he knows what he is doing. FACT, END OF STORY.


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