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It appears Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger is likely to bring in a few new faces to the club prior to the big kick-off next season. Wenger said that he has been speaking to a number of key transfer targets which he hopes to tie up before this summer's World Cup. Arsenal Debate in recent weeks has been pestering various media associations to encourage questioning of new signings, and finally it seems we are slowly receiving the answers we as Arsenal supporters so desperately require.

The Gunners are thought to have already agreed the transfer of Bordeaux striker Chamakh have also been linked to a string of goalkeepers, given the questionable long-term Arsenal futures of both Almunia and Fabianski.

Arsenal boss Wenger has reportedly been given a summer war chest with which to improve his squad.  Speaking to the Arsenal matchday programme, Wenger confirmed that he is making transfer plans.

He said, "I have definite transfer targets and I have been talking to people but I will not tell you to who."

Wenger is also keen to make his signings before the World Cup in order to avoid artificially high prices after the tournament and in order to mould his side as early as possible.

The Frenchman continued, "Post-World Cup the prices are always artificial.

"I believe the earlier you settle your team the better it is and the less anxiety you have.

"Overall I feel it is very dangerous to buy on [the strength of] the tournament because sometimes there are players who are fresh and have not played the whole season. Everyone can have three weeks of glory as a football player. Ten years is a bit different."

With the likelihood of the Gunners finally adding to an already depleted squad, what are your suggestions as far as who ‘d you like to see wearing the red and white of North London next season?

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4/28/2010 06:48:45

Hart, Hazard, Chamakh, Gourcuff, Hangelaand

4/28/2010 06:50:29

lloris/hart , hangeland and maybe di maria or sissoko

Thomas Lim
4/28/2010 06:54:54

lloris, di maria, hangelaand, hart, tevez, vincente, joaquin, david silva

Granit Bajrami
4/28/2010 07:22:29

lloris/hart/gordon , hangelaand , chamakh
lorik cana ,

4/28/2010 07:23:14

As a season ticket holder of over 20 years I cannot remember 2 worse goalies at Arsenal.Think fabianski and Almunia must have some good photos of Wenger in compromising position as cannot explain how he dropped Lehman for only 2 mistakes when these clowns make at least 2 mistakes every game.Also keep hearing that Wenger will not sign an English goalie after having his fingers burned with Richard Wright but again I can never remember him making half the mistakes of the 2 clowns refered to as Arsenal goalies this season.i myself would like to see szescny given a go , I know people say that he's too young but Cech played for Chelsea when he was 21 so that's good enough for me.

4/28/2010 07:24:29

in reply to joe 82

Leave the guy alone. Imagine if you were the Arsenal keeper and everyone expected you to make a mistake! IT must be the hardest job in the world and I think how Seamen got slated for 2 goalkeeping errors brings it all home. He was amazing but had 2 bad errors in god knows how many games and everyone remembers them.
Fabianski is ok just like Almunia was a season or 2 ago. The most important thing is for people to expect the odd mistake but to see the bigger picture. Fab wasn't the reason we lost to Wigan. It was the whole attitude of the outfield players once we went 2 goals up!
Pleas give out goalies a break.
Also, Al's performance against Barca was the best I've ever seen by any goalie ever. Let's make the most of them. It is our whole defensive make-up that needs addressing and yes, I hope Lee Dixon is called in to address this!
He is the man I'd vote for as he seems to always spot exactly what the problems are time and time again. Tony Adams is great but doesn't necessarily know as much tactically. I think he is just a person who leads by example by putting 110% in to everything he does. I don't think verbally he gets stuff acrosss as well as Dixon, or even Bould or Keown.
But hell, why not bring the entire back 4 (5) to train our defense. It would be one happy family then. I bet we'd all love to know that Dixon, Adams, Bould, Keown and Seamen were all helping out.

4/28/2010 07:31:24

GK: Hart

DEF: Hangeland/Gary Cahill/David Luiz

MID: Milner/Sissoko

Either one of those players for DEF & MID plus Chamakh up front.

4/28/2010 09:49:28


rajan mahahan
4/28/2010 10:09:05


Syafiq 23
4/28/2010 14:48:54

Marouane Chamakh is a must...Sebastien Frey too..jack rodwell is not such a necessity but its good to have him..eden hazard is magical,we should lure him. :)


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