It’s being reported among some corners of the gunners faithful that the New Arsenal Home Kit should resemble the above.

Pretty nice if you ask me, however I do have a number of concerns.
Having spoken with Arsenal supporters regarding the design they pointed out a few key attributes as to why Arsenal Football Club should remain with the traditional outlay.

Arsenal FC Debate forum member Gunner4Life had the following to say...

"Why in the world are we relinquishing the red chest? Yes, white appears absolutely fine but surely keeping in tradition with the Arsenal Football Club history of red tops and white sleeves is the most obvious solution to any potential Arsenal new kit design? I understand that we have to differentiate but it appears we’re going down the wrong path. Why change our history simply because our players will look more attractive in a more appealing looking shirt?"

Let us know your thoughts

carol m
4/19/2010 08:47:51 am

i actually quite like it. makes a very good change from the current crop of similar looking kits :)))

4/19/2010 08:48:43 am

i agree and so does my son. would love to see the boys play in that jersey next year...

4/19/2010 08:49:37 am

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? are you serious. that is the gayest looking kit around. send it over to the yids across the poor end of north london...

carol m
4/19/2010 08:50:17 am


4/19/2010 09:38:00 am

Don't like the kit if it's not the true Arsenal style it's more the spurs scum style.

4/26/2010 10:29:51 pm

Its quiete agood thats what Ilove most changes, yeah we need tobe changing.

London Underground Man
4/30/2010 04:16:13 am

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way..... Its too white, Its too much like the SPUDS


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